All Preventative Maintenance Plans cover retreat for covered pest, at no additional charge.

Camponotus Ant

(FS) Full Service

6 services per yr on a bi monthly basis. Covers insects I.E. (ants, stinging insects, spiders, termites and most occasional invaders (OV). includes preventative treatments on eaves foundation and perimeter.
Rat on a stump

(RS) Rodent Service

6 Services per year on a bi monthly basis. Covers for rats and mice. Bait stations and or traps set around structure and checked/refilled and inspection to see if new activity has developed

Mole on hole

(MS) Mole Service

6 perimeter treatments per yr around the perimeter of property and foundation of structure. Should moles appear covered under warranty to remove them
Preparation of benzene for rat sterilization, in a special camouflaged box.

(PS) Premium Service

Combines the Full and Rodent Service together for 6 bimonthly Services per yr and an option for monthly services.
Wasp nest attached to home outdoor wall and roof as a gray paper colony of yellow jacket hornets as insects flying in and out of the natural structure.

(PS+) Premium Service Plus

Same as PS but includes coverage for mole prevention and elimination